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A Brief History of IRCK

The Inter-Religious Council of Kenya (IRCK) is a coalition of all major faith communities in Kenya that works together to deepen inter-faith dialogue and collaboration among members for a common endeavour to mobilise the unique moral and social resources of religious people and address shared concerns

The existence of IRCK between1983-2002 was characterised by conference participation and interspersed, yet adhoc, inter-faith dialogue and action. There lacked a structured and systematic mode of conducting her affairs and, therefore, the success of the undertaken activities heavily relied on the commitment of a few of her core members.

IRCK History Timeline

IRCK was founded to be an excellent united inter-religious forum that is a conscience of the society,
promoting sustainable peace and development in Kenya.

Counties Covered
Inter-Faith Networks
Communities Reached

Latest Publication

The news about recent activities for needed peoples.


WCRP-Kenya Foundation

WCRP-Kenya was founded and involved activities like participating in conferences and vast interfaith conversations and actions


WCRP-Kenya to IRCK

The name changed to IRCK from WCRP-Kenya (world Conference for peace Kenya ) but still retained the local affiliate position in WCRP-Kenya.

Feb 22-26 2021

Shri Swaminarayan Mandir temple Incubation

Welcoming the other experience to Shri Swaminarayan Mandir temple. Other religions were welcomed at the temple to have a little insight into the nature of their belief.

11th March 2021

Religious Leaders Against Modern Slavery

Senior religious leaders in Kenya commit to standing against Modern Slavery by signing a declaration

Mobilising Faith Communities for Common Action


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