Travelling the road less traveled

Travelling the road less traveled


Before the intervention, the Meru- Isiolo boundary conflicts had created high tensions around communities living near the boundary regions between Meru- Isiolo counties, nobody knew the exact locations of the two counties boundaries. Clashes had occurred in the regions surrounding the boundaries resulting to death of people, there were incidences of demonstrations from and demolishing the boundaries demarcation posts. The talks between the two county officials including the county governors were not fruitful as the tension had greatly risen. Women living around the boundary regions had fear trauma.

As women of faith we saw that the situation will deteriorate, people were not talking to each other, a lot of tensions was building up there was limited dialogue and the intervention taken earlier  were not bearing  fruits.
Isiolo Women of Faith Network visited their colleagues in Meru to dialogue on the boundary disputes. The women received us well and were comfortable to speak to us which broke up the tensions, people opened up and discussed the issues of the boundary in an open way. Some of the members narrated their experiences on the effect of the conflict.

At the end of the day participants agreed to speak to their women representatives in parliament to make their leaders aware of how the issues are affecting them and seek their backing  in looking at strategies for resolving these boundary issues peacefully .
As a result of the dialogue , the tension have gone down, people are now talking to each other and we haven’t heard bad incidences.

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