Social budgeting observatory

Social budgeting observatory


The County government of Tharaka Nithi planned for 4 public hearings for the purpose of public participation in the budget process. IRCK supported and participated in two of the public hearings at Maara and Chogoria; Monday (20th April 2015) and Tuesday (21st April 2015) respectively. As a planning process towards the public participation forums, IRCK supported a County Social Budgeting Observatory committee meeting at Chogoria, Tharaka Nithi on 17th April 2015 for compilation of the SIR report and identify the issues to be shared during the Public hearing forum on Monday 20th April 2015 at Maara.

Figure 1; Part of the SIR team (Health sector) discussing the findings of the SIR and identifying what to share during the planned Maara Public Forum participation scheduled for Monday 20th April 2015 From far left, Piera Wanja Devolution and planning, George M. Osaso on the far end the County Director of Youth affairs, next to him, the secretary of Tharaka Nithi Interfaith Network Ven. Silas Muchemi and Erick Mwirigi from department of social development.

The issues identified were to inform the Public forums discussions and go a long way in ensuring that the SIR conducted and the findings influences proposed projects in the budget and that funding will actually be allocated. The sector based groups were able to identify the issues according to the most pressing ones that will be shared during the public hearing forum at Maara on Monday.
Radio talk show on knowing your budget;
The Committee members were able to identify 2 radio stations that are most preferred by the members of the community as Meru FM and Muuga Fm and the time of airing the show should be in the evening.

Way forward

  1. IRCK should consider scaling up the coverage to other sub counties in Tharaka Nithi to ensure that the outcome of the process is a representative of the bigger picture that will actually see budgetary allocation
  2. There is need to plan for 1 County Social Budgeting Observatory Committee  meeting where the action plans for the different facilities where the Social Intelligence Reporting (SIR) was conducted will be developed. Afterwards the SIR team should then plan for an SIR follow up visits in the facilities.
  3. IRCK should consider in future, supporting radio talk shows, newspaper advertisements among other medias as an avenue to sensitize the public on the budget circle especially days set aside for public hearings to maximize on the participation.
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