Dr. Connie Kivuti

Dr. Connie Kivuti

Dr. Connie Kivuti (Rev.)ACIArb,  has been an IRCK |Board member since 2019-05-06. She is also serving as the General Secretary of the Evangelical Alliance of Kenya, an umbrella body of the evangelical churches in Kenya. Before she joined EAK she was engaged in various initiatives for empowering and building the capacity for women and youth. She has had extensive experience working with churches and faith-based organizations in the areas of mentoring and mentor training, leadership and entrepreneurial skills development, and civic education. She is an Associate Member of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (ACIArb) and trained as a Mediator. She is also a published author and has written a book titled “Paused Lives: How to Flourish, Dream and Get Your Life Back into…Play”. She sits on the Program and Arrangements Committee (PAC) of the Africa Society of Evangelical Theology (ASET), a community of Evangelicals in Africa engaged in the full spectrum of theological scholarship for the benefit of the Church and society

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