Cradle of skul sakale zion

Cradle of skul sakale zion


(Cover Photo: In front SkulSakale church elder and women’s leader and Patricia Chamia (in maroon dress) supporting Sakare school children at the school water point)

Dini ya Roho Mafuta Pole ya Africa is a Christian community found in Pokot and the neighboring counties as well as in Eastern part of Uganda. This church started around 1950s by a local Pokot. The Church organization structure has three levels; the Jerusalem, which is the highest level of the church at the top, The Zion as the regional headquarters or diocese in charge of between 10-25 congregations/Bomas and the Boma representing the individual congregation as the lowest unit.
SkulSakale is both a congregation and Zion (diocesan headquarters) of the church in the region.  It is older, more developed and bigger than all the other congregations in the region. After training in F4L messaging, the Zion initiated a project that saw all the ten congregations under it construct a pit latrine as a model for appropriate hygienic practices. In it host Early Child Development center and primary school that runs up to class 3. While the school has three pit latrines and the church that host more than 500 people; (120 men, 180 women and over 200 children) we did not have  a toilet before the IRCK support.

Before this support, church members had to cross the school field in order to reach the school toilets. Since the construction of the double door toilet, this came to an end and men and women use their toilets with little or no interruption. The fact that this is the center of power (Zion) where members of other Bomas (congregations) meet once a month, this toilet is a role model for replication by other congregational leaders.

Linus in white shirt and Job project coordinator in front of the new church toilet

We cannot thank IRCK enough because this church has over 50 congregational members and many children you can imagine how dirty this population was making our compound (bushes) around here. The beauty of these toilets is that now Ladies have their toilet and men have theirs. Even if you go to the toilet and find there is someone inside, you can comfortably wait for them outside because you have not seen them in compromised situation and again you are of the same sex.
After the training, a health department was started that implements health issues for the school, church and community in general. This has greatly reduced the number of children getting sick thus saving us money we used to spend on medication, thank you IRCK”.

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