Freedom of Religion or Belief Youth Exchange; Mombasa County

It’s a Monday, the weather at the Coast has not decided on its appropriate mood. There is an air of excitement among the youths; the

Freedom of Religion or Belief Youth Exchange; the Inception

The Freedom of Religion or Belief Exchange (FoRB) brought together youths from Netherlands, Indonesia and from the host Country Kenya. FoRB is an initiative under

Isiolo County Part 2: Fighting FGM and Early Marriages through Interfaith Networks

“I did not talk to my mother for months,” claims Grace. She took the money given to her by her mother to cut her daughter

Isiolo: Fighting Radicalization through Interfaith Networks

Kupotea’ I struggled with this word, I kept wondering how an adult just gets lost, but the turmoil of emotions Beatrice seemed to be battling

Using Creative Art for Peace Building in Moyale

The drive to Moyale was extremely scenic. The stretch from Marsabit to Moyale was a beautiful stretch of well tarmacked roads and beautiful landscapes. The

Baringo County: Youth, Women and InterFaith Dialogues.

The youth of Baringo walked in to Kenya School of government one by one. Some sat together and others preferred to sit in isolation. Soon

Kwale: Tusahau Tofauti Za Kidini Uwiano Uimarike

As the world commemorates the 16 days of activism, an international campaign to challenge violence against women and girls which happens from the 25th of

International Religious Freedom Day 2019.

On a clear Tuesday afternoon, November 29th, as we stood at the American Center located within the US Embassy in Nairobi, Bishop Alfred Rotich towered

Launching the Child Safeguarding Policy

“Safety and security don’t just happen, they are the result of collective consensus and public investment. We owe our children, the most vulnerable citizens in

Building Interfaith Tolerance and Peace in Mombasa and Kwale County

By Caroline Maina “Tolerance is giving to every other human-being every right that you claim for yours – Robert Green Ingersol.”Interfaith tolerance entails peaceful co-existence

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