• Inter-Religious Council of Kenya (IRCK) is a coalition of all major faith communities in Kenya that works together to deepen interfaith dialogue and collaboration among members for a common endeavor to mobilize the unique moral and social resources of religious people and address shared concerns.
  • 1983-2002
    The existence of IRCK between 1983-2002 was characterized by conference participation and interspersed, yet adhoc inter-faith dialogue and action.
  • 2004
    In 2004, the organization changed its name from World Conference on Religions for Peace Kenya (WCRP-Kenya) to IRCK. This was done to reflect and address the unique nature of the religious organizations in Kenya and delineate herself from the narrow thematic mandate associated with the name WCRP.
  • In spite of the change in name, the organization remains the local affiliate of WCRP International and has links with the African Council of Religious Leaders and the continental body of faith communities that work on the same principles.
  • IRCK draws its membership from all Major religious communities in Kenya ‘as represented by their various religious coordinating bodies (RCBs), provided they are in agreement with the purposes and constitution of IRCK


To be an informed voice of conscience promoting sustainable peace and development in Kenya.


To promote tolerance and understanding among faith communities in Kenya through mobilizing joint actions for social economic development.


Faith communities living in peace; united in socio-economic action.


 In our programming, we embrace new ideas in provision of solutions to the communities we serve.

In our diversity in religious beliefs, we show willingness to accept and permit religious beliefs and practices, which disagree with one’s own.

We share in the suffering of the poor, have a desire to alleviate or reduce such suffering and show special kindness to those in need.

We generally recognise and accept the assignments given to us, as we shepherd and safeguard them through sound resource management.

We do not support, are not controlled by, nor affiliated with any political parties.


Steering Board – The Steering Board (SB) comprises of the Chairs and General Secretaries or their equivalents of the nine Religious Coordinating Bodies (RCBs). It is the top governance organ with eighteen (18) people, two from each of the nine (9) RCBs, who are top leaders and they hold this position until they cease to be leaders in their RCBs.

Executive Committee – This is the second in line in the governance structure and enjoys membership of the general secretaries from the main RCBs. The EC is the management organ of the organization and exercises the management and oversight control of the organization, its staff and assets.

Rev. Fr. Joseph Mutie (OAIC-K) IRCK Executive Committee Chairman

Abdiraham Ismael(IRCK Executive Director) IRCK Executive Committee Secretary

Nitin Malde ( HCK) IRCK Executive Committee Treasurer

Rev Dr. Makanda (EAK) IRCK Executive Committee (Board Member)

Dr. F.S Abdalla (SHIA) IRCK Executive Committee (Board Member)

Dr. Pst. Alfred Marundu (SDA) IRCK Executive Committee (Board Member)

Al- Hajj Yusuf Murigu (NAMLEF) IRCK Executive Committee (Board Member)

(NCCK) IRCK Executive Committee (Board Member)

(KCCB) IRCK Executive Committee (Board Member)

Amb. Mohammed Mahat (SUPKEM) IRCK Executive Committee (Board Member)

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