Peace and national coheshion

Strategic Objective
To promote peace, reconciliation and cohesion among Kenyan communities and their neighbours

  1. Capacity of religious leaders and communities on conflict resolution built;
  2. Ability of religious and community leaders to detect early signs of conflict enhanced;
  3. Skills of community members on sustainable peace building mechanisms enhanced;
  4. Religious leaders understand devolution, land laws and policies and use the knowledge to mitigate against conflict;
  5. Peace building and related programs for interfaith networks and faith communities mobilized;
  6. Research, Monitoring, documentation & learning structures in IRCK strengthened;
  7. New networks and alliances with communities and partners built and existing ones strengthened to enhance peace;
  8. Forums to advocate for policy development and implementation on peace and conflict management held at the National and County Levels.
  9. Forums to advocate for equitable distribution of resources and participation in decision making at county levels and national levels held;
  10. Grassroots forums to advocate for sustainable peace; through peace and reconciliation amongst Kenyan communities held;