Our Board Members:-

Steering Board – The Steering Board (SB) comprises of the Chairs and General Secretaries or their equivalents of the nine Religious Coordinating Bodies (RCBs). It is the top governance organ with eighteen (18) people, two from each of the nine (9) RCBs, who are top leaders and they hold this position until they cease to be leaders in their RCBs.
Executive Committee – This is the second in line in the governance structure and enjoys membership of the general secretaries from the main RCBs. The EC is the management organ of the organization and exercises the management and oversight control of the organization, its staff and assets




Sheikh Adan Wachu 

Secretary General  

Supreme Council for Kenyan Muslims




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Dr. Francis Kuria Kagema

Executive Director

Inter-Religious Council of Kenya (IRCK)



Nitin Pravin Devshi Malde

National Secretary General

Hindu Council of Kenya (HCK)



Bishop Mark Kariuki

Evangelical Alliance of Kenya (EAK)


Board Member

Pst Franklin Wariba

Secretary General

Seventh Day Adventist (SDA)



Board Member

Ms. Connie Kivuti

Secretary General

Evangelical Alliance of Kenya (EAK)

Board Member

Canon Peter Karanja

Secretary General

National Council of Churches of Kenya (NCCK)



Board Member

David Warui Mugenyo 

Acting Secretary General 

Organization of African Instituted Churches Kenya (OAIC-K)



Board Member

Al-Hajj Yusuf Murigu 

National Deputy Chairman

National Muslim Leaders Forum (NAMLEF)



Board Member

Rev. Fr Charles Odira Kwanya

National Executive Secretary Commission for Pastoral & Lay Apostolate of the

Kenya Council of Catholic Bishops (KCCB)